The corner of a skyscraper covered in a diamond-shaped pattern made of metal beams appears to recede into a blue sky. Issue 04 Table of Contents

The United Steelworkers Building. Photo: Raymund Ryan

Interludes Issue 04

With the implementation of social distancing measures, the ways that many of us live and work from day to day have undergone radical changes. Small interludes—a walk, a phone or video call, a meal—punctuate our lives, marking the passage of time while calling our attention to the present moment. While our doors are temporarily closed, our staff and members of our community offer us glimpses of the ways that they are responding to these changes.

  1. Invitation to Pretend

  2. So Much Left to Do, Still: Regaining Purpose During a Pandemic

  3. In Dialogue: Paper Buck and Nicole Heller

  4. With Diligence and Care: Celebrating Memorial Day through the Photographs of Charles “Teenie” Harris

  5. In Dialogue: An-My Lê and Viet Thanh Nguyen

  6. Doorknobs and Disinfectants

  7. An Architectural Tour of a City on Pause: Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle


Photographer Mark Clowney reflects on the legacy left by his father, and the connections between the photography of father and son.

With Earth Day behind us, our articles this week reflect on the different ways artists and organizations illuminate just how severely we've damaged the planet.

Inside the Northside studio of legendary sculptor Thaddeus Mosley.


Sarah Rafson discusses influential Italo-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi’s life and work through the lens of architecture’s enduring gender disparities.

Both a plea and a polemic, this powerful essay revises how we think about Black art and artists.

Niela Orr explores Charles "Teenie" Harris's double exposure of Nina Simone, one of the more arresting images the photographer captured during his decades long career.