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A row of children, wearing paper hats, sitting in front of an architectural relief in the museum’s hall of architecture

Members of the Tam O’Shanter Art Class for Children, Hall of Architecture, 1932

Masters of Tomorrow Issue 01

How does contemporary art help us better understand the world? In this issue of Storyboard, which examines the artists and artworks featured in the 2018 Carnegie International—America’s oldest survey exhibition of contemporary art—our contributors approach this question from a variety of perspectives. Drawing on works by Kerry James Marshall, Tavares Strachan, Dayanita Singh, Postcommodity, and El Anatsui, these stories investigate the importance of artistic response in turbulent times.

  1. A Radical Act: A Black Superhero Emerges in the Museum World

  2. Building Subjects of Light: Tavares Strachan and Dayanita Singh

  3. Mirrored Skies: The Monumental and Transformative Art of El Anatsui

  4. Travelogue: Navigating the Foreground


In her series Indoor Voices, photographer Hannah Altman documents her evolving relationship with her mother.

With the Art Lending Collection in the Braddock Carnegie Library, Transformazium maintains the community's culture while subverting arts’ narrative.

Inside the Northside studio of legendary sculptor Thaddeus Mosley.

Sarah Rafson explores women's contributions to architecture, with a focus on the accomplishments of Grafton Architects.

Both a plea and a polemic, this powerful essay revises how we think about Black art and artists.

Niela Orr explores Charles "Teenie" Harris's double exposure of Nina Simone, one of the more arresting images the photographer captured during his decades long career.