Fog beside a brick home catches the morning sunlight

Photo: Ross Mantle

About Storyboard

Storyboard is Carnegie Museum of Art’s online journal. It offers a forum for critical thinking and provokes conversations about art, ideas, and the intersections between. We believe that art helps us better understand our lives, and that artists challenge us to view and experience the world in radically different ways.

The journal broadens cultural discourse around the artists we exhibit, the artworks we collect, and the community we serve. Though housed within a museum, Storyboard often looks beyond the walls of the institution, well aware that art does not exist in a void. We realize it is tethered to time, place, reality, and more. In response, we publish stories that are personal and political, exploratory and provocative—never shying away from topics that challenge how we think.

As our world becomes increasingly decentralized, a multiplicity of voices is more important than ever. Since its inception, the journal has foregrounded the thinking of artists, curators, writers, critics, and activists, with an emphasis on bringing marginalized voices to the fore. We understand that museums are not neutral spaces, and that addressing issues of race, gender, politics, and social justice is critical.

A project of the museum’s award-winning Publishing Program, Storyboard is published online six times a year, and speaks to a local, national, and international arts readership. Each issue uses a central theme as an organizing principle, a way to crystallize ideas through essays, reporting, interviews, and visuals. The maxim of the journal is simple: Stories that matter, artfully told.