A collage depicting a group of faceless men wearing fedoras and looking off into the distance.

Stephen Knezovich for Artist Editions

Artist Editions

Since its inception, Storyboard has foregrounded the thinking of writers, curators, critics, activists, and—most prominently—artists. With Artist Editions, that tradition continues. For each issue of the journal, an artist is invited to create an original artwork in response to the editorial theme. Not only does that artwork become the cover for that issue, but it is also released as a limited-run print produced exclusively for the journal.

Prints are available for purchase in the CMOA Store. Each Artist Edition is also available as a downloadable wallpaper for desktop, tablet, and smartphone. To view all artworks in the series, scroll below.

Stephen Knezovich

A collage depicting a group of faceless men wearing fedoras and looking off into the distance.

Infinite Lives | Issue 02

The work of collage artist Stephen Knezovich is focused on subverting readymade images from vintage print media using cut-and-paste collage techniques. He is drawn to the immediacy and tactile nature of collage, to the way it connects the past with the present by recycling, reinterpreting, and reprocessing our collective printed histories. Knezovich finds the ritual of stripping images down to their simplest forms and then building them back up again to be calming, even cathartic.

For Infinite Lives, Issue 02 of Storyboard, Knezovich revisited a collage from his archives to create Overslaugh Redux (2019). Download this artwork for your desktop, tablet, or smartphone:

This latest Artist Edition is now available for purchase as a limited-run print in the CMOA Store.

About the Artist

Portrait of the artist in profileStephen Knezovich is a collage artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He views collage as a place to direct his anxieties and fears, to exercise control over the world itself, and to brush back the overwhelming digital crush of apps and push notifications, social media rants and endless news feeds, marketing messages and images upon images upon images. In addition to making art, he has worked for the Creative Nonfiction Foundation in numerous capacities since 2008 and is currently their director of publicity and marketing.

To see more of his collage work, visit stphn-knzvch.com.