• Inside the Museum
View of the museum's Heinz Galleries with a portrait of Michelle Obama in the foreground.

The Creative and Intellectual Power of Art

Director Lynn Zelevansky on the museum's role in fostering visitors' ability to analyze and then innovate, both individually and with others.

  • Inside the Museum
Dramatic image of waves crashing on rocks dotted with seals

The Open Museum

Director Lynn Zelevansky on the early and continuing importance of immigrant artists.

  • Inside the Museum
Visitors in the colorful plexiglass walkway in the exhibition Helio Oiticica.

Creativity and the Museum

Director Lynn Zelevansky on the role of museums in fostering creativity.

  • Inside the Museum
Large bookshelf with boxes in front of it.

What Does Change Look Like?

Director Lynn Zelevansky on changes facing museums in the 21st century