Artist Lenka Clayton gestures candidly while in conversation with interviewer sitting at writing desk with office supplies and materials stacked around.

Artist Lenka Clayton’s attic studio in Polish Hill. Photo: Bryan Conley

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Man looking at camera write with chalk on side of boxcar train.

The Secret History of Railworker Graffiti, and Other Stories

To make the film Who is Bozo Texino? (external link) (2005), photographer Bill Daniel spent nearly two decades train hopping across America to document the folkloric tradition of hobo and railworker graffiti.

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A spliced collage of a mother and her three children walking toward a lakeshore.

Visions of Lives Past and Present

For Storyboard no. 2, Infinite Lives, editor Matthew Newton looks at the idea of wandering in the ether of lives lived—astral and earthly, abstract and mortal.