Print of a smiling 1950s-era housewife in front of the kitchen.

Decorative Arts and Design


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Line drawings of several designs for doorknobs and keyholes fill the page of an early twentieth-century manufacturing catalogue.

Doorknobs and Disinfectants

Rachel Delphia explores the history of doorknobs and its intersection with the rise of household disinfectants.

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Photograph of dark sky with a plane in the background aerial advertising the words Death is the only certainty in life

The Shadow of Memory in a Post-9/11 World

Each year on the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, artist Sebastian Errazuriz creates an original artwork to mark the day.

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Steve Russ Presepio

Behind the Scenes of the Neapolitan Presepio

Every year in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Carnegie Museum of Art staff installs the museum’s remarkable Neapolitan presepio.