A collage depicting a group of faceless men wearing fedoras and looking off into the distance.

Stephen Knezovich for Artist Editions

Pink geometric blocks that form an O

Stories That Matter, Artfully Told

Infinite Lives

Issue 02

A concept derived from video gaming, “lives” represent multiple—and often endless—incarnations of not only an individual, but also the many realities he or she inhabits. In this issue, those “lives” are represented by resurrected artworks, legacies of labor, public trust and inclusion, generational photo archives, and the lifespan of the museum itself.

  • Editor's Note
A spliced collage of a mother and her three children walking toward a lakeshore.

Visions of Lives Past and Present

For Storyboard no. 2, Infinite Lives, editor Matthew Newton looks at the idea of wandering in the ether of lives lived—astral and earthly, abstract and mortal.