The corner of a skyscraper covered in a diamond-shaped pattern made of metal beams appears to recede into a blue sky.

The United Steelworkers Building. Photo: Raymund Ryan


Issue 04

With the implementation of social distancing measures, the ways that many of us live and work from day to day have undergone radical changes. Small interludes—a walk, a phone or video call, a meal—punctuate our lives, marking the passage of time while calling our attention to the present moment. While our doors are temporarily closed, our staff and members of our community offer us glimpses of the ways that they are responding to these changes.

  • Photo Essay
Candy-colored objects are strewn on a crumpled mylar sheet that rests on a bright green lawn.

Invitation to Pretend

The imaginative potential of photography offers Aleem Hurst opportunities to create the world they want to live in.

  • Photography
A shallow river with green grasses and trees on its banks winds through a landscape of dry grass and and dirt roads. Parked cars and trucks appear along the side of the bank at right, and the passengers stand or sit outside.

In Dialogue: An-My Lê and Viet Thanh Nguyen

An-My Lê and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen address the ways in which Lê’s work complicates the landscapes of conflict that have long informed American identity.

  • Decorative Arts and Design
Line drawings of several designs for doorknobs and keyholes fill the page of an early twentieth-century manufacturing catalogue.

Doorknobs and Disinfectants

Rachel Delphia explores the history of doorknobs and its intersection with the rise of household disinfectants.